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UW's recruiting class

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  UW's recruiting class

Posted: February 17, 2008, 4:47 PM Post
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Haven't seen anything posted here, and I don't get much Badger news out in CA other than what is on ESPN. Average rank of their recruiting class is #40 - kind of disappointing for a program that has played on New Years Day four years in a row and was a top-10 team two years ago. Of course those rankings factor only talent, and not the chances of that talent being academically eligible, but I still expect a little better from Bielema.

Biggest concern is the interior DL. Obviously some guys will switch positions, but the only recruit was a transfer (Dan Moore, DT, 6'2", 295). They have a couple other guys from WI who are 300lbs and listed as OL/DL, but none of them were ranked so I'm not sure how good they can be. They signed some good DEs (Westphal, Mains, Davison, Kelly), but they would have to put on some serious weight to play interior. Mains is 6'7", 225 - that's skinny! They have a guy from Miami who is 6'5", 255, who could probably put on 30 lbs and play interior, but he wasn't very highly ranked by anyone.

What are they saying back in WI about the recruiting class?

  UW's recruiting class

Posted: February 17, 2008, 4:54 PM Post
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I think there seems to be the same general feeling of disappointment. Westphal and the QB are clearly the prizes of the class, and there's certainly some talent there. Wisconsin though has always done very well with the 2/3 star guys coming out of no where to be great players, so I think there's enough confidence in the teams' development to off set some of the concerns about the class.

But yeah, interior D-line could get pretty scary with an injury or two.

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