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2015 Packer Draft review - 1 season after.

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  2015 Packer Draft review - 1 season after.

Posted: April 28, 2016, 12:33 PM Post
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Typically they say to wait 4 years for a draft review, but looking at the contribution of each player in only one year, I was pretty impressed:

#1 Damarius Randall, DB, ASU;
- A surprise pick for most people. CB was a need, but TT was commonly mocked for picking a "Safety". Of course, most of those people didn't realize the how and why Randall was a safety at ASU. But TT did. And could see the promise at CB. I thought he might take a year or so, but really made an impact from day one on the roster. Randall replaced Casey Hayward at CB early in the season and did so well that the Pack made no effort to resign Hayward as a FA. He has some work to clean-up his play, but a very promising rookie season.

#2 Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami (OH);
- Typical TT double-dip for a weak spot, TT ended up hitting a double home run in the secondary. Rollins filled in for Randall during some injuries and played well. Many comments were made during training camp and during the season that it wouldn't surprise anyone to see Randall and Rollins as the CB starting future for GB.

#3 Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford;
- Unfortunately, Montgomery got hurt early in the season and never came back. But in those early games, it was evident that the NFL wasn't too big for him. The Packers will typically "red shirt" rookie WRs because of the difficulty in picking up the offense. But that didn't seem to be a problem as Montgomery was playing a Cobb-esque role from the slot and backfield. Rodgers seemed to be confident in him also.

#4 Jake Ryan, LB, UM;
- A true rating on Ryan will need to come in a year or two. He was fairly invisible through the year until the end of it. He played "OK" for those last games (actually reminded me of the steady version of AJ Hawk). But I'm interested to see his progress in year two. If he becomes an assignment sure two-down MLB that can defend the run sideline to sideline, that is a win in the 4th round.

#5 Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA;
- Really only have training camp to base anything on, but Brett Fav-- er Hundley came on very strong at the end. So much so, I debated if they would keep Scott Tolzien at the cut-down point. They obviously kept Tolzien, but Hundley made enough of an impression that ST wasn't brought back. Incomplete but promising.

#6a Aaron Ripkowski, FB, OU;
- Really nothing at FB last year, but one of the best ST performers we had. And they didn't resign Kuhn (yet) this year, so I would think the Packers have some confidence that Rip will be able to manage the FB spot too.

#6b Christian Ringo, DL, UL-L;
- On the PS last year. Didn't show much in TC, but not a complete bust either. Will have another chance this year, especially with the thin DL

#6c Kennard Backman, TE
- On PS last year, then elevated to 53-man squad when we were desperate for TEs. Did virtually nothing on the season. In TC, it was evident that he had some talent and physical capability. Like Ringo, will be given another chance this year.

Two starting caliber CBs, three partial contributors with decent promise, one non-contributor with very interesting promise (Hundley) and two late round development picks. No obvious bust in last year's draft

Go back a few years before the 2010 SB and the 1996 SB and you will find one specific draft the year prior that has big contributors deep into that draft:
2010 SB: 2009 Draft: B.J. Raji, Clay Matthews, T.J. Lang, Quinn Johnson, Jamon Meredith, Jarius Wynn, Brandon Underwood, Brad Jones
- Brandon Underwood was really the only player that didn't do much for the 2010 SB. Raji, and Matthews had pretty heavy contributions. Lang and Wynn were rotational players. While Johnson, Meredith and Jones were backups and ST players.

1996 SB: 1995 Draft: Craig Newsome, Darius Holland, William Henderson, Brian Williams, Antonio Freeman, Jeff Miller, Jay Barker, Travis Jervey, Charlie Simmons, Adam Timmerman
- Newsome, Henderson, Williams, Freeman and Timmerman were heavy contributors to the 1996 SB. Holland was in the rotation on the DL and Jervey was a key ST player. Miller, Simmons and Barker were pretty much busts from day one.

Interesting for the 2017 Superbowl. [smile]

  Re: 2015 Packer Draft review - 1 season after.

Posted: May 02, 2016, 4:54 PM Post
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Love the post. Gives me renewed optimism for this year. Not that I needed much but I expect the Packers in the SB every year and based on your analysis I began going through the roster.

Starting on offense they have Jordy back which is huge, it takes defensive pressure away from Cobb. I expect Montgomery to make a fairly significant contribution as WR3. Between Adams, Davis, Janis, and Abby I expect one to be a flashy contributor. I'm guessing it's either Davis or Janis. Someone to help stretch the field. Janis may not have the mental capabilities to contribute more than a straight line, hail mary guy. I think either Adams, Abby, or Janis will be odd men out (2 of the 3 right? Keep 5 WR with a few on the p-squad).

RB looks stronger if Lacy stays healthy and he clearly looks like he lost a bunch of weight without having to sacrifice power. Starks looks settled in that RB2, giving a change of pace back. Hoping Crockett improves in year 2. I think Rip takes over for Kuhn. I think they lose lots of intelligence and veteran leadership with that move but at some point it's time to move on.

TE is the one obvious area of weakness. But compared to last year it should be better on paper. Cook should battle for attention and hopefully stretch the field more than Rodgers. Maybe Backman makes a jump. I think they may miss some of Quarless' blocking ability.

Oline they are returning everyone and added some great depth. I feel good about the line. Spriggs, on paper and from what I've read, sounds like a steal. Please no more Barclay though.

QB, he's okay.

On defense the trenches have usually been the biggest weakness outside of LB (but you could argue that a good dline can cover up a mediocre LB unit). Grabbing Clark will help if even from just a depth standpoint. My guess is he plays better than Raji did last year.

The LB crew is second to give me fits. I still don't feel comfortable with Barrington, Perry, Ryan, and Elliot. They are mostly just guys to me. Do nothing spectacular and can't cover worth a lick. Hopefully that latter part will be helped by Fackrell. He's older than most draftees but to me that just means he should be ready to step in and play at a high level faster. Here's to hoping Peppers has one more solid year left in him. Because I believe this is his last (at least with the Packers). Oops, forgot about Clay. He's okay too.

The secondary is where I think the team will shine. They have ball hawks and playmakers and based on last year should only get better. Yes they lost Hayward, but they gained another year of experience for Randall and Rollins (almost called him Collins...).

They are young but still have plenty veteran leadership. Only thing that will hold them back from a Superbowl appearance will be injuries and bad luck. And maybe injuries are bad luck so there you have it.

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